A Bicycle (Not Exactly) Built For Two

April 19, 2016

They each have their own bike, of course.

Bikes they race, twisting and turning with zeal.

Bikes they turn upside down.

Bikes they ride alone.

But somehow, sometimes, they want something different.

To take turns, laughing, as one drives the other.

The one on the back holding tight.

The one pedaling pushing harder than normal.

He outgrew her bike long ago.

Gave up the training wheels.

And moved onto something larger.

Something more befitting a boy his age.

But it’s still fun to ride together sometimes.

Especially if mom is there, cautioning you to be safe.

To slow down.

To get your helmet.

And scolding at your sister to get off the back of the bicycle.

Little sister riding on the back of big brother's bicycle
Bicycle (Not Exactly) Built for Two

No children were harmed in the making of this image.

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