brother pushing sister on tricycle

Push Me, Brother! (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 10")

brother and sister watching clouds

Cloud Gazing (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 10")

boy watching large troupe of bikers

A Bike Troupe Rode Past (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 10")

brother and sister playing with umbrellas in the driveway


dad taking boy's training wheels off

His Big Day (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 10")

girl learning to ride new bike the day after Christmas

Day After Christmas (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 12")

sister watching brother as they ride bicycles

Dreams of One Day (Archival Pigment Print 2015, 16" x 10")

brother and sister sharing too small bicycle

Bicycle Not Made for Two (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 14" x 10")

bicycles in driveway

Ice Cream for Sale (Archival Pigment Print 2015, 15" x 10")

Dad working on car while son and daughter watch

Journeymen Mechanics (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 12")

Dad spraying kids with hose

The Garden Hose (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 15" x 10")

children jumping in puddles on driveway

Rain, Rain Go Away--Never Mind (Archival Pigment Print, 2017, 15" x 10")

toddler laughing at bubbles while brother watches

Bubbles! (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 15" x 12")

Girl pushing wheelbarrow through wet leaves

Leaf Collection (Archival Pigment Print 2015, 14" x 10")

brother and sister shoveling rain into a wheelbarrow

Shoveling Rain (Archival Pigment Print 2015, 15" x 10")

Boy jumping rope in the rain while sister watches

He's Jumping Rope (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 15" x 12")

dad shoveling snow while children jump

Perspectives on a Snow Day (Archival Pigment Print 2015, 16" x 10")

sled on a snow day fail

Snow Day Fail (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 16" x 10")

Through the In My Driveway project, I’m photographing the beautiful, emotional, and fleeting moments that occur in one of the most mundane, ordinary places in my life–my driveway. My children play in our driveway almost every day, in almost every atmospheric condition. Sometimes they play well together; sometimes they don’t.  As a mother, I often hear people tell me to treasure this time, that it goes so fast. I know they are right; this time, however, can also be challenging, isolating, and monotonous for a parent. At the same time, parents today feel a lot of pressure to provide their children with enrichment and experiences; our days are increasingly overscheduled. In this project, I distill the small moments that happen when children are self-directed and examine them more closely in a context that would otherwise be easily overlooked. Our driveway has become a metaphor for their play and relationships together; it’s also a single piece of asphalt that connects me, literally, to the rest of the world.

I use black and white straight photography to tell the story of my driveway. By focusing on the toys and activities that American children have engaged in for generations, I’m emphasizing how our experiences relate to others. In many of the images, the driveway itself serves as a prominent feature, representing how these moments and this experience connect me to other parents. Through the inclusion of atmospheric conditions, I’m highlighting the importance of time outside and how children grow and learn in their unstructured moments.  how children are looking for experiences outside.  

(c) Natalie Fay Green 2017