She Learned to Ride her Bike

Like A Girl

She worked so hard.

There were tears.

Lots of tears.

But she wouldn’t stop.

She wouldn’t give up.

She, in fact, persisted.

I can’t tell you how many falls she had.

How many times I suggested that she take a break.

How many hours we worked at it.

But she got there.

She willed herself—and me—through it.

And she got there.

She learned to ride her bike.

She Learned to Ride Her Bike (Archival Pigment Print 2017)

Harvard Square at Night


Harvard Square has always been one of my favorite places at night.

The activity.

The people, with their different interests and points of view.

The college campus meets real world aspect of it all.

I was fortunate to be back in Cambridge a couple weeks ago, and I walked around one evening with my camera.

I’m glad I did.

newstand in Harvard Square Cambridge Massachusetts


Alley in Harvard Square at Night
Alley at Night

Blazing a Trail


Wouldn’t it be nice to have two of your favorite people with you to blaze a trail?
Whether you lead them or bring up the rear.
Or even occupy that special middle spot.
Just to have them around.


brother and younger sisters walking through march on Eastern Shore
Blazing a Trail

Laughter in Motion

Black and White

Two year olds get a bad rap.

They’re known as short-tempered, mercurial, tempestuous.

And all those things are true.

But you know what else they do?

They laugh, like crazy.

It bubbles from their souls.

Their whole little bodies cackle with it.

And it echoes off the walls.

As bad as the tantrums can be, they don’t hold a candle to the laughter.

toddler laughing and jumping on monkey
Laughter in Motion

Objects in Motion

Black and White

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

And objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

And when the two are together, each doing its thing, with beautiful light shining through?

That’s just magic for a photographer.

girl spinning in front of large tree
Objects in Motion
(c) Natalie Fay Green 2017