Eastern Market Washington D.C.

The Market on Tuesday (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 10")

travelers in Washington Reagan National Airport DCA

Travelers on Their Way (Archival Pigment Print 2013, 12" x 16")

travelers at the gate in Boston Logan Airport

BOS: At the Gate (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 16" x 12")

Jefferson Memorial black and white

Jefferson Memorial (Archival Pigment Print 2013, 16" x 12")

passengers waiting in the cab line at Union Station

Union Station: In the Cab Line (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x10")

toll plaza in Pennsylvania at night during the snow

Toll Plaza, PA (Archival Pigment Print 2012, 14" x 10")

homeless man sleeping in Harvard Square while pedestrians pass

Homeless in Harvard Square (Archival Pigment Print 2013, 15" x 10")

Nationals Park: Closing Time (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 10")

OBX: End of the Day (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 16" x 10")

Country Boy Mine entrance in Breckenridge Colorado

Mine Tours Start Here (Archival Pigment Print 2015, 15" x 10")

Just Another Covered Wagon (Archival Pigment Print 2015, 15" x 10")

Garbage Truck racing past in Woodley Park DC

Garbage Truck (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 10")

seaplane landing on water in Ketchikan Alaska

Seaplane in Alaska (Archival Pigment Print 2016 16" x 10")

view of lower Manhattan from airplane window

NYC on Approach (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 12")

man fishing in the outer banks at sunrise

Early Bird (Archival Pigment Print 2014, 15" x 10")

dilapidated outbuilding on Eastern Shore estate

In Need of Repair (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 15" x 10")

chuckwagon cookoff at Cheyenne Frontier Days

Cheyenne Frontier Days Chuckwagon Cookoff (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 15" x 10")

field trip of boys to Iwo Jima in Arlington Virgina

Boys' Field Trip to Iwo Jima (Archival Pigment Print 2017, 16" x 12")

Workers at Pike Place Fish Market setting up in the morning

Before the Market Opens (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 16" x 12")

Actor in the Great American Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan

Explosive: Great American Lumberjack Show (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 12" x 15")

Women's March in Washington DC in front of Capitol Building

Inaugurate the Resistance (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 16" x 10")

Homeless woman in Washington DC walks past business millennials

Homeless in Farragut Square (Archival Pigment Print 2016, 16" x 12")

In Made For You and Me, I’m documenting the range of human experiences that I witness in the parts of America I explore, evaluating the contrasts and similarities among our people and highlighting how different, or even absurd, our daily realities may seem to each other. I’m particularly interested in moments driven by factors related to race, class, geography, and cultural norms–and most especially the interplay of two or more of these factors together. In a time of identity politics, we often assume that one of these factors alone may be determinative.  We, as Americans, are more complex than that. I envision this project unfolding for many years, as I continue to visit different regions of the country and explore my own backyard.  

By using a black and white editorial style, the traditions of mid-Century straight photography, symbolism, and deliberate compositions, I’m building this story of division and commonality in a collection of images using street, portrait, and landscape photography.


(c) Natalie Fay Green 2017