great grandmother and baby having breakfast

Ninety and One (Archival Pigment Print 2012)

baby watching brother and dad play basketball

Her Courtside Seat (Archival Pigment Print 2015)

brother taking picture of little sister

Little Photographer (Archival Pigment Print 2013)

girl playing hide and seek in plain sight

Hide and Seek (Archival Pigment Print 2015)

big sister fixing baby's hair

Let Me Fix Your Hair (Archival Pigment Print 2016)

great grandmother fixing baby's hair

The Baby's Hair is in Her Eyes (Archival Pigment Print 2016)

sisters playing with necklaces together

Jewelry Lesson (Archival Pigment Print 2017)

big sister helping baby walk

Helping Hands (Archival Pigment Print 2015)

baby running in a diaper

On the Move (Archival Pigment Print 2013)

big sister patting baby's head in crib

Sister Comfort (Archival Pigment Print 2015)

baby and dog sleeping on the sofa

Baby and Dog (Archival Pigment Print 2015)

Introduction (Archival Pigment Print 2015)

Crayons are Forever (Archival Pigment Print 2014)

grandmother teaching grandson and granddaughter to cook

Cooking Class (Archival Pigment Print 2016)

brother and sisters sitting on a front porch together

Front Porch Sitting (Archival Pigment Print 2016)

big sister kissing baby in a stroller

Stopping for a Kiss (Archival Pigment Print 2016)

baby watching big sister go through her drawers

That's My Drawer (Archival Pigment Print 2016)

Toddler and dog looking at each other

Interspecies Communication (Archival Pigment Print 2017)

Brother, Sister, Baby and Dad sitting on deck in beautiful light

Baby in the Middle (Archival Pigment Print 2015)

Brother hosts sister and baby in bunk beds for sleepover

First Sleepover (Archival Pigment Print 2015)

In Where the Heart Is, I’m photographing the overlooked moments of my life with small children that I worry I will forget; the ones that define the experience of childhood but are not otherwise milestone moments. Not every moment of my parenting journey has been picture-worthy or happy or even one that I care to remember; many of them, in fact, have been ones I would rather forget—ones that I certainly hope my children don’t recollect. But amongst the chaos and the mess and the raised voices, I know something amazing must be unfolding in my home, even if I struggle sometimes to see it. Where the Heart Is grounds me—it helps me find the beauty in our everyday, even as those days have tears and tantrums. It is my life raft in this rocky sea of parenting.

(c) Natalie Fay Green 2017