Honorable Mention in the 2017 Santa Fe Workshops Portrait Contest

June 19, 2017

A huge thank you to all of the wonderful people over at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops! They recently awarded one of my all time favorite images, Fish Like a Girl, an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Portraits contest. I’ve long admired the images selected for the Santa Fe contests, and I couldn’t be more proud to be included. The contest gallery is a beautiful and moving collection of portraits, evaluating individuals from all walks of life and around the world.


Fish Like a Girl is the lead image in my Like a Girl project, which celebrates and documents my oldest daughter’s journey through this period of childhood before she internalizes the gender norms imposes by her world. This project is told through my lens, my filter of my own childhood experiences. Through this work, I remember my own childhood and reflect on how it shaped me. I’m passionate about this project, and it’s extremely rewarding to realize its success in the fine art community.


girl fishing in a t-shirt that reads fish like a girl
Fish Like a Girl (Archival Pigment Print 2015, 12″ x 12″)
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(c) Natalie Fay Green 2017