A Break in the Rain

May 9, 2016

It has rained every day for 13 days.

When you have 3 kids under 7 years old, 13 days of rain puts you on the losing side of the equation.

Especially if the school and sports activities are running at the end of year fever pitch.

Too much fighting.

Too much mess.

Too much insanity inside the house.

And too much racing from one place to another through it all.

It’s just all too much.

Even if you are a family who believes in playing in the rain and finding moments to appreciate in the craziness of life.

But today we caught a break.

A brief respite from all the cold, gray rain that has dominated our days lately.

It was still damp.

It wasn’t exactly warm.

And it didn’t last very long.

But they didn’t care.

And neither did I.

When you get a break in the rain, and in the schedule, you have to seize it.

Make the most of that opportunity.

Ride your bike.

Kick a ball.

Practice lacrosse.

(With your weak hand.)

When the weather gets like this—and the kids go crazy—and our schedule explodes , the mom, and the photographer, in me struggles.

I can’t find the time—or the energy—to pick up my camera when there’s no chance to experience the moments of daily life.

Today’s break was what we all needed.

If only there were more in the forecast.

children playing in the driveway after rain | lacrosse | riding a bicycle with training wheels
Break in the Rain
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