Post Tropical Cyclone Bill

June 23, 2015


I look at these and I wonder what we were thinking.

I mean, who lets their kids run through a storm like that?

I get it.

We must be crazy.

(And yes, my husband was home for this one.)

But they loved it.

The running.

The jumping.

The splashing.

Their laughter–their joy–was infectious.

The pouring rain didn’t bother them.

On the contrary, it made the experience special for them.

I’ve wondered whether the rain was too hard, whether they shouldn’t have been out in it.

But, maybe, just maybe, they should have been.

Maybe they’ll remember the feel of the rain on their skin and the smell of the storm and the sound of the drops.

The  freedom of their jumps and their laughter on the wind.

At least for a few minutes before we called them in.




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